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Version: 4.x


The library has peer-dependencies on Cognite Data Fusion JS-SDK and ThreeJS which must be installed as dependencies in the client application that uses Reveal.

npm install @cognite/reveal @cognite/sdk three@<version>

Please find the correct version of ThreeJS in the release documentation on Github. We only guarantee support for the exact ThreeJS version specified there.

Installation for projects with Content-Security-Policy

To be able to use Reveal while having a CSP you have to allow the following:

These settings are nessesary to allow for execution of internal WebAssembly modules bundled with Reveal. The connect-src policy is for allowing the WebAssembly module to be added as data url. The unsafe-eval policy is needed to evaluate and execute the WebAssembly module at runtime. This may be removed in the future once the wasm-unsafe-eval policy gets implemented into all major browsers.


Evaluate security risks before adding any of these options to your CSP.