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Version: 4.x

Resolution Control

Reveal will automatically limit its rendering resolution when renderering to a large surface for the sake of performance. This may result in unnecessarily low-detail renders on high-end devices with large monitors.

The user can use the ResolutionOptions type to control the rendering resolution. ResolutionOptions has the following fields:

FieldField typeDescription
maxRenderResolutionnumber?Set the maximum render resolution
movingCameraResolutionFactornumber?Set the factor that the max resolution is multiplied with when camera is moving. Must be between 0 and 1. Lower factor means lower resolution while camera is moving.

The ResolutionOptions instance is applied to the viewer instance using the setResolutionOptions method on Cognite3DViewer.

Max Resolution

To override Reveal's default resolution limit, users may call the setResolutionOptions method with maxRenderResolution set to a pixel count, e.g.

viewer.setResolutionOptions({ maxRenderResolution: 1.4e6 });

The value is a number denoting the desired count of pixels on the screen. To e.g. increase the rendering resolution to full HD (1920x1080), call the method with the value 1920 * 1080 = 2073600.

Decrease resolution on camera movement

In order to improve the user experience for low-end devices, Reveal can be configured to lower the render resolution when the camera is moving, making the movement smoother. This can be done by calling the setResolutionOptions method with an object having the field movingCameraResolutionFactor set to a factor, e.g.

viewer.setResolutionOptions({ movingCameraResolutionFactor: 0.5 });

The factor must be between 0 and 1 and is multiplied into the render resolution of the canvas when the camera is moving. Supplying e.g. a factor of 0.25 will divide the total number of pixels rendered by approximately four while moving.

If using a custom camera manager, be aware that this feature uses the current CameraManager's 'cameraStop' and 'cameraChange' events to decide whether the camera is moving or not.