Version: 3.x

Combining multiple models

Cognite3DViewer supports combining multiple CAD- and point cloud-models into one view and lets users interact with them as if they were one model. This is done by simply adding multiple models using Cognite3DViewer.addModel, Cognite3DViewer.addCadModel or Cognite3DViewer.addPointCloudModel.

Modify coordinate systems

In many cases, it will be necessary to apply some transformation to the models to make them be in the same coordinate system. This can be done using setModelTransformation with a THREE.Matrix4 representing the transformation. Note that each 3D model stored in Cognite Data Fusion will have an associated model transformation that is loaded when the model is added. When updating setModelTransformation this model transformation should also be applied to ensure that the axis system is correct.

The following example shows how to modify the coordinate system of a point cloud model to make it fit with a CAD model.

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Use geometry filters to extract parts of a model

Geometry filters allows only loading geometry within a specified box. By loading the same model with different geometry filters, several subsections of the same model can be loaded in the same viewer.

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Geometry filters should not overlap as this will cause the same geometry to be loaded and visualized more than once.