Version: 3.x

Filtering nodes by assets

In Cognite Data Fusion, assets and asset hierarchies are digital representations of objects or groups of objects from the physical world. Assets can be assosciated with different data types, such as documents, time series and events and serves as a "hub" to look up data for physical equipment. See Cognite Data Fusion documentation for more information about assets.

3D nodes can be "asset mapped" to assets in Cognite Data Fusion. Reveal supports styling nodes mapped to an asset by using AssetNodeCollection.

Style all asset mapped nodes

If no options are provided, AssetNodeCollection includes all asset mapped nodes for the model:

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Style a given asset

It is also possible to only style nodes mapped to a single asset. Assets are identified by their 'ID':

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Note that there is no way to list multiple assets directly with AssetNodeCollection, but This can be achieved by using UnionNodeCollection in combination with several AssetNodeCollections.

Style assets within an area

To support proximity lookups, Reveal supports styling assets within a certain area defined by a bounding box. It's sufficient for an asset to intersect the provided bounds, it doesn't need to be fully inside.


The bounding box is defined in "Reveal coordinates" - a right handed, Y up coordinate system - which might differ from the "native model coordinates" stored in Cognite Fusion. AssetNodeCollection will automatically map from "Reveal coordinates" to "native model coordinates" using Cognite3DModel.mapBoxFromModelToCdfCoordinates.

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