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Interface List3DNodesQuery




Optional cursor

cursor: undefined | string

Optional depth

depth: undefined | number

Get sub nodes up to this many levels below the specified node. Depth 0 is the root node.

Optional limit

limit: undefined | number

Optional nodeId

ID of a node that are the root of the subtree you request (default is the root node).

Optional partition

partition: Partition

Partition specifier of the form "n/m". It will return the n'th (1-indexed) part of the result divided into m parts

Optional properties

properties: Node3DProperties

Filter for node properties. Only nodes that match all the given properties exactly will be listed. The filter must be a JSON object with the same format as the properties field.

Optional sortByNodeId

sortByNodeId: undefined | false | true

Enables sorting on node ID as opposed to tree index. This may result in faster response times for certain requests.