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Cognite JavaScript SDK (beta)

Cognite Javascript SDK beta

The package @cognite/sdk-beta provides convenient access to the beta version of the Cognite API. Setup is very similar to stable, but use the following command to install:

yarn add @cognite/sdk@npm:@cognite/sdk-beta

or with npm

npm install @cognite/sdk@npm:@cognite/sdk-beta --save

This will install the package @cognite/sdk-beta as a dependency, but aliased as @cognite/sdk. In package.json, it will look like this:

    "@cognite/sdk": "npm:@cognite/sdk-beta@^X.X.X"

This will download @cognite/sdk-beta and pretend it is @cognite/sdk. With the beta package installed under an alias, you don't need to modify your code to access beta features. Import the CogniteClient as you normally would:

import { CogniteClient } from '@cognite/sdk';


See the reference doc of CogniteClient here.

The beta API is a superset of stable. See the stable readme.