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Interface FileFilterProps


  • FileFilterProps



Optional assetIds

assetIds: CogniteInternalId[]

Only include files that reference these specific asset IDs.

Optional assetSubtreeIds

assetSubtreeIds: IdEither[]

Only include files that are related to an asset in a subtree rooted at any of these assetIds. If the total size of the given subtrees exceeds 100,000 assets, an error will be returned.

Optional createdTime

createdTime: DateRange

Optional dataSetIds

dataSetIds: IdEither[]

Only include items that reference these specific dataSet IDs

Optional directoryPrefix

directoryPrefix: undefined | string

Optional externalIdPrefix

externalIdPrefix: ExternalIdPrefix

Optional geoLocation

Optional labels

labels: LabelFilter

Return only the resource matching the specified label constraints.

Optional lastUpdatedTime

lastUpdatedTime: DateRange

Optional metadata

metadata: Metadata

Optional mimeType

mimeType: FileMimeType

Optional name

name: FileName

Optional rootAssetIds

rootAssetIds: IdEither[]

Only include files that have a related asset in a tree rooted at any of these root assetIds.

Optional source

source: undefined | string

Optional sourceCreatedTime

sourceCreatedTime: DateRange

Optional sourceModifiedTime

sourceModifiedTime: DateRange

Optional uploaded

uploaded: undefined | false | true

Optional uploadedTime

uploadedTime: DateRange