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Interface ExternalTimeseries


  • ExternalTimeseries



Optional assetId

Asset that this time series belongs to.

Optional dataSetId

DataSet that this time series related with.

Optional description

description: undefined | string

Description of the time series.

Optional externalId

externalId: CogniteExternalId

Externally provided id for the time series (optional but recommended)

Optional isStep

isStep: undefined | false | true

Whether the time series is a step series or not.

Optional isString

isString: undefined | false | true

Whether the time series is string valued or not.

Optional legacyName

legacyName: undefined | string

Set a value for legacyName to allow applications using API v0.3, v04, v05, and v0.6 to access this time series. The legacy name is the human-readable name for the time series and is mapped to the name field used in API versions 0.3-0.6. The legacyName field value must be unique, and setting this value to an already existing value will return an error. We recommend that you set this field to the same value as externalId.

Optional metadata

metadata: Metadata

Additional metadata. String key -> String value.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

Human readable name of time series

Optional securityCategories

securityCategories: number[]

Security categories required in order to access this time series."

Optional unit

unit: undefined | string

The physical unit of the time series.

Optional unitExternalId

unitExternalId: CogniteExternalId

The physical unit of the time series (reference to unit catalog).