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Parameters for dial gauge detection and reading. In beta. Available only when the cdf-version: beta header is provided.


  • DialGaugeDetectionParameters



Optional deadAngle

deadAngle: DeadAngle

The angle between the start and end point on the bottom part of an analog gauge, measured in degrees.

Optional maxLevel

maxLevel: MaxLevel

The max value of the gauge.

Optional minLevel

minLevel: MinLevel

The min value of the gauge.

Optional nonLinAngle

nonLinAngle: NonLinAngle

If the gauge is nonlinear, the non-linear angle from the metadata is used to part the scale in two separate linear scales. The first scale goes from min to 0. The second from 0 to max. The needle angle determines which scale is used.

Optional threshold

The confidence threshold returns predictions as positive if their confidence score is the selected value or higher. A higher confidence threshold increases precision but lowers recall, and vice versa.