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Model a custom link in a engineering diagram where it capture details from the texts and linked to assets when necessary


  • AnnotationsIsoPlanAnnotation



Optional detail

detail: undefined | string

Detail describing the equipment.

Optional fileRef

Contains a link to a file in CDF. This is used to navigate between files.

Optional indirectExternalId

indirectExternalId: AnnotationsAssetRef

The indirectExternalId is the external id of the equipment used to identify the hotspot indirectly. E.g. first valve upstreams of .

Optional indirectRelation

indirectRelation: undefined | string

Relation connecting this hotspot to a tag in case the hotspot has no tag. E.g. 'upstreams of'. This references the 'indirectExternalId'.

Optional lineExternalId

lineExternalId: AnnotationsAssetRef

The id of the Pipe that the hotspot belongs to.

Optional linkedResourceExternalId

linkedResourceExternalId: undefined | string

Stores Functional Location (FLOC) external ID represented by the hotspot.

Optional linkedResourceInternalId

linkedResourceInternalId: undefined | number

Stores the Functional Location (FLOC) ID represented by the hotspot.

Optional linkedResourceType

linkedResourceType: "asset" | "file"

Whether the hotspot represents an asset (FLOC) or file.

Optional oldAnnotationId

oldAnnotationId: undefined | string

Temporary field for migration purposes. Id of corresponding legacy annotation.

Optional pageNumber

pageNumber: undefined | number

The number of the page on which this annotation is located. The first page has number 1.





Optional relativePosition

relativePosition: undefined | string

Relative position of the relation connecting the hotspot to a tag. E.g. '2nd'. This references the 'indirectExternalId'.

Optional revision

revision: undefined | string

Revision number of the P&ID file that the hotspot is valid for.

Optional sizeAndClass

Stores the dimensions of a valve or spade.

Optional sourceType

sourceType: "pipeline" | "user"

Marks the hotspot as user created or detected via pipeline.

Optional subDetail

subDetail: undefined | string

Additional details, the fluid code for pipes e.g. LO for Lube oil etc.

Optional text

text: undefined | string

Text found in the area, might be a FLOC, valve detail, pipe or diagram name.

Optional textRegion

The location of the hotspot represented with a bounding box.

Optional type

type: undefined | string

Type of equipment, valve, pump etc.

Optional vertices

Stores the (x,y) coordinate pairs of a line or polyline.