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Interface DatapointsQueryProperties




Optional aggregates

aggregates: Aggregate[]

The aggregates to be returned. This value overrides top-level default aggregates list when set. Specify all aggregates to be retrieved here. Specify empty array if this sub-query needs to return datapoints without aggregation.

Optional ignoreBadDataPoints

ignoreBadDataPoints: undefined | false | true

denotes that the API should return bad data points. Because the API treats uncertain data points as bad by default, this parameter includes both uncertain and bad data points.

Optional includeStatus

includeStatus: undefined | false | true

denotes that the status of the data point should be included in the response.

Optional treatUncertainAsBad

treatUncertainAsBad: undefined | false | true

returns data points marked with the uncertain status code. The default behavior of the API is to treat them the same as bad data points and don't returned them.